It may sound like a joke, in a country that gradually and methodically closed anything related to production, but this is an idea, a vision, a flame!

I do not know if this project will be the same or a part of the beginning for a new Hellenic economy, but it is the best time to review these thoughts and be embraced not only by ambitious entrepreneurs, and visionaries but from politicians and employees in a way to create national pride and consumers.

Everywhere else, Hellines excel!

Even in the particular and demanding field of the automotive industry, they have their own place behind highly successful ventures (Jean C. Daninos – Facel Vega / Ford, Alexander Isigonis – mini cooper, Sotiris Kovos – Peugeot / Mazda / Toyota, Andreas Zapatinas – Fiat / Alfa Romeo / BMW / Subaru, Vicky Vlahakis – Audi / Mercedes / General Motors, George Liamadas – Aletis, Nicholas Tombazis – Ferrari, George CHRONAKI – Aston Martin and others whom I might forget)!

The company «NAMCO» from Redesto in Thessaloniki, plans to implement the «Hellenic dream»!

The revival of the legendary PONY, is just around the corner!

Mr. Peter Tzanetos Kontogouris, chairman of the board of the company, has a vision: «cars simple, small, rationally, antifouling and above all, cheap but not for Hellines Only»!

With new models Stalion 4 X 4 and CITY STAR (Pioneering electric car and not only), is expected in 2014 to claim a market share!

The production of the known PONY, lasted from 1974 to 1982, reaching a total of 18,000 vehicles. Due to the bad timing for Hellas: syndicalism which would cause only harm, interests expressed by politicians and options, etc; the factory and the brand retired in 1982.
The above number may seem small, (Considering only the 280,000 new cars for the Hellenic market in 2007), but is able to give an incredible boost to an industry that can contribute to the creation: technology, direct and indirect jobs, development, money saving to the Hellenic household, the development of domestic economy with a without money exporting and finally increase of government revenues (taxes).

Why is it so important such a productive start?

It is extremely important because it may be the forerunner of a new era!

It is the best period for the market to support it with all its forces, a purely Greek effort: «A Hellenic Car»!

If the strategy to be developed, involves a capital component, the respect for the Hellenic culture, but also the special conditions prevailing today, may be a more general response to the forcibly transformed market!

It can be modern – secure, highly attractive, tailored to local needs (cubic, character, etc.), reliable, with excellent and immediate support to the extent of the economic potential of the Hellines. The public sector could be (airports, ports, post offices, government agencies, military, shipyards …) the cornerstone and secure while specific provisions in developmental laws or regulations, encouraging this new venture.

Also, It is extremely important for it to happen because Hellas is not just, the summer place for the Europeans to spend their time – after their retirement- and the Hellines being just their waiters!

Hellas once had primary production (Textile, Smelter, Footwear, Brewery, Shipping under Hellenic Flag, Food, rich agricultural production, etc.) and we were excelling in the international arena.

Obviously something we did wrong all these years and we need to change.

It’s time to support in practice everything that goes towards the direction of our goals!

Constantinos Mitropapas

(Published in the magazine Autospecialist, September – October 2012)