TRIMORE Sport Events

The value we add.

Coming from the field of sports and having a vision to leave our own special imprint in the field of sports – entertainment events which we decided to be active in, we are inspired by a spirit of creation, inspiration, passion and dedication!

Each of our events is a new opportunity to create a blank canvas for the implementation of all those things that bring us closer to our friends-athletes with their families – friends, the societies of the places where we act, the volunteers who support our efforts, the spectators who enjoy – participate – motivate but also the sponsors / supporters / partners / helpers who believe in us and invest in our creations!

All the things that we thought as athletes would excite us, all the things that we admired in events abroad and needed courage and effort, all the things that seemed in the realm of “not possible” but finally became reality, compose a feast of emotions for us – experiences for the recipients of our efforts, which we call and characterize as: Added Values.

It is the value we have added with our efforts and is accompanied by our promise that we have not completed it yet!

We quote them all here, seeking to motivate other organizers to dare, other athletes to experience them and other companies / organizations to trust us!

TRIMORE Sport Events is a business unit of diaplous s.s.d.a.  Ltd, which since 1997 operates in Greece and abroad offering advanced services of consultation in organization and management as well as training of executives of companies / organizations. As a Partner of TÜV SÜD and TÜV Hessen (the largest certification and training body in the world), it offers quality systems and product certification services, while also having its own award-winning training Concept center: diaplous Training Experience.  In 2014 it started the planning and organizing of sports and entertainment events and today, in addition to its own branded events, it represents XTERRA Planet (XTERRA Greece), ISOMAN Equalized Triathlon (ISOMAN Hellas) and SwimRun Hellas.

Added Values – Contents

Added Value No1

Personal swimming buoy (Safety)

In 2017, we decided, designed and held in Syros island, our first Open Water Swimming race. Coming from the area of ​​this particular type of swimming and knowing how many accidents happen every year in our country with boats which have carelessly caused accidents with swimmers -often with casualties- or swimmers who have suffered a cramp, an injury, a sting from a jellyfish or other types of fish, and drowned, we were the first to introduce the personal swimming buoy as a safety equipment in an Open Water Swimming race!

This personal swimming buoy was offered to all swimmers -in this particular event- but also other events featured by our team too- not only to prevent the risk of facing any dangers during the race (of which the safety measures and supervision were increased), but also for the establishment of a new trend and culture during training in Open Water Swimming (which is usually individual and dangerous).

It is worth noting that the personal swimming buoy we offer is waterproof, with a capacity of 25 liters (35 in Hydra island) and allows the swimmer to have with him personal items he might need (keys, mobile, towel, shoes, water, snacks, etc.) also useful in the case he exits the sea at a different point from the one he entered.

We managed to succeed our goal and today the seas are filled with conscious swimmers with personal swimming buoys, while many other events adopt our initiative.

Added Value No2

Triathletes’ transfer and start from a Ferry (Unique experience)

In June 2017, in Syros island, in order to offer the triathletes an unforgettable experience and at the same time to create multimedia material (photos and videos) which will make attractive the participation of foreign and Hellenes athletes in our future events, for the first time in Hellas, we adopted a practice of the northern seas and we used a Ferry boat to transport the athletes and start a Triathlon race (which in fact came for this purpose from Paros island)!

The triathletes, both of the event of 2017 and 2018, gathered at the pier in front of the Ferry which was waiting for them inside the port of Ermoupolis and then after boarding, in an atmosphere of celebration, joy and well-being, were transported out of the port, forward from the most beautiful area of ​​Syros island: Vaporia, where they received the start of their race. In this way they swam in front of this area full of incredible emotions and creating an unprecedented communication material, a real advertisement of the island and the event.

Added Value No3

Artistic swimming at the port of Ermoupolis (Show | Unique experience)

In 2017, a group of incredible and daring girls (including the duet of the Greek Olympic National Team), worked hard with their coach Despina Theodoridou in order to present for the first time an artistic swimming program in a sea surrounded area and specifically at the port of Ermoupolis.

It was one of the side events of Syros Triathlon! It was quite a challenge for the girls’ team and their coach. Given that the sounds below the surface in a harbor are many, while hydrophones are designed to give rhythm to the athletes in the pool, training in real conditions was not an option.
The team did the impossible and gave to the event a very strong and inspiring moment, which was indelibly imprinted on the minds of those lucky ones who watched this unique event. Below the surface, the hydrophone was giving them the rhythm by playing a favorite melody.

Added Value No4

Obstacle Swimming (Olympic sport revival | Unique experience)

Obstacle swimming was one of the sports in the 2nd Olympic Games held in Paris in 1900. In this particular game, each obstacle was thoughtfully designed and built to test the athletes not just on their speed in swimming, but also their strength, endurance, fatigue management intelligence, apnea and other skills.After the Games it was abolished as too harsh!
Since then, it was revived for the first time in Syros island in 2016 and was held according to the terms and philosophy of the sport. It was then revived again in 2017 and 2018, at the port of Ermoupolis.
The events had the honor to host some of the greatest names in Hellas swimming, Olympic games winners, triathletes and other athletes. Given the uniqueness of the sport, everyone was able to distinguish and many strong athletes tried their best, offering an impressive show.
Below the video of 2016:

We have big plans of offering and living this again at the lake of Vouliagmeni!

Added Value No5

Photographic team 641 (Art in athletics | Touristic promotion)

In 2014, while preparing our first event, Nafplio Triathlon, we accepted a proposal for a collaboration from a group of amateur photographers, which in our second event, Syros Triathlon, was named “641”.

Keeping faith to the good chemistry that was initially created with 641, the team utilized its passion and dedication and did some extraordinary photographic work in the next 10 events. Over 50,000 photos praise our athletes and are posted in high resolution in our site, available to anyone interested!

It was the first time that an event organizer collaborated with a group of photographers undertaking all the costs, in order to offer at no cost all the pictures to the athletes and at the same time to create unique material for the promotion of the area and the event itself.

TRIMORE and 641 grew up together.

The athletes became artists in their lens!

Added Value No6

High standard triathlon transition zone (Safety | Social Responsibility)

In 2016, during the Syros Triathlon, it was the first time worldwide, that a triathlon transition area and the corridor leading there from the water – a total area of 850 square meters – had been paved with elastic tiles (coming from recycled tires) to protect athletes and raise awareness about recycling.

Since then, the transition area had either the same type of surface or turf (after its original usage) in every TRIMORE triathlon race.

Athletes are committed to the environment.

In Syros island, Vouliagmeni, Kastoria, Rethymno, with the support of Ecoelastika Ioanna Alexopoulou , as well as #microsportsNikos Papakonstantinou , we embrace the hearts of our athletes and write our own story together!

Added Value No7

Aerial Yoga (Show | Unique experience)

Sports, inspiration, entertainment, innovation, culture!

Sports Tourism.

Our events aim to offer a unique experience to the athlete / spectator / volunteer and to relate it to the place.

In 2018, during the last Syros Triathlon held at the port of Ermoupolis, Maria Maganari and Maria Manolaki had prepared and presented an impressive aerial choreography.

With bated breath, we saw something unprecedented!

See below the clip of the event.

Added Value No8

One book per athlete (Social Responsibility)

“A book for every athlete” was our message of social responsibility in initiative along with Psichogios Publications and Popi Galatoula who welcomed our proposal with enthusiasm and the first action was at the races of Varkiza and Hydra, in 2019. Since then, we offer books in each of our events!

Aiming to contribute to the spread of book culture, to underline that reading broadens our imagination and that it worth some of our time beside the usage of mobile phones and video games, we designed and implemented an idea that Maria Kouroupi (TRIMORE Insider) had.

This initiative was embraced by athletes of all ages and gave us ideas for other actions that will follow.

Added Value No9

Award ceremony (Unique experience)

The award ceremony is the special part of an event to reward the athletes who stood out and all those who dared! Also, to honor volunteers, supporters, sponsors, the Municipality/State and the area that hosted the event.

The prize awarding was not a simple matter in any of the 16 events that had been held by the end of 2020 (Nafplio, Syros, Vouliagmeni, Hydra, Halkidiki, Kastoria, Varkiza, Rethymno). It has always been a celebration in which athletes, volunteers, friends, spectators, local factors and sponsors honor the winners, those who just put the effort and those who attended the event and worked for it.

Added Value No10

SwimRun in Hellas (Pioneering)

In 2016, we were tempted for the first time to organize a SwimRun race in Greece. It took place in Hydra island in November 2018 (with weather conditions: 7 bft wind and rain) and it was the first one to be held in the Mediterranean under the original terms: Athletes pairs tied to each other with rope and loaded with all necessary equipment, need to cooperate from start to finish in a race of continuously switching swim and run.

Each pair was presented before the start of the race, all safety measures were taken like never before, we personally welcomed all the pairs at the finish line and they were all awarded with a double symbolic medal – its  two parts together symbolize the organization’s logo, the symbol of infinity.

A unique experience which took 2019’s winter even further and it’s very promising for the future.

Until today SwimRun Hydra is the only event in Hellas of   this sport, although a great event, “All day Race”, is being planned already.

Discover the sport and the experience in 29 seconds.

SwimRun Hellas
SwimRun Hydra

Added Value No11

Fresh water spray at the exit of the sea (Unique experience / Usability)

During our events in Nafplion in 2015 and Syros island in the following years we applied something that we had first seen in Paris Marathon!

We gave the opportunity to the triathletes exiting the  sea to run through a special corridor in order to wash off the sea water from themselves with fresh water provided either by the fire department or the municipality services.  Salt free, they were ready for the next stages of cycling and running. If you have experienced it, you know how useful and refreshing it is!

Added Value No12

Inspirational speeches (Motivational | Inspirational)

In 2015 in the city of Nafplio, the city where the first Hellenic Parliament used to be, we established the first “Inspire me” event, where selected passionate speakers, inspired shortly before the Race Brief, the athletes and those interested in various topics. Sports, psychology, nutrition, tactics, failures, etc. were some of the topics that our inspirators have chosen to address.

This was followed by “Inspire me” events at the Apollo Theater of Syros island, the Historical Archive – Museum of Hydra, the Olympic Flame Square of Kastoria, the beach of Vouliagmeni and the Square of the Unknown Soldier of Rethymnon – Crete.

Being Inspired and motivated by admirable people full of  passion and dedication to their work, is a unique motivation. We will always strive for it!

Added Value No13

Water Obstacle Triathlon (Pioneering)

Water Obstacle Triathlon!

An invention of our team, in order to give the opportunity to watch a fast, absolutely fun and very difficult competition at sea!

All the action, in front of your eyes, on a beach.

Triads of athletes start running and swimming by overcoming a sea obstacle, then take a board and do upright or kneeling board paddling (SUP) and finally run a distance in the sand to the finish line.

(For better triathlon simulation, the usage of a kayak with bicycle pedals was originally included in the sport, although they never made it in time from the abroad supplier).

Those who tried it in June 2017 in Syros island, can share their unique and unforgettable experience.

Thank you Stavros Georgarakis for the equipment.

Obstacle Challenge

Added Value No14

Remote registrar’s office – Race Secretariat (Usability | Innovation)

In 2018, at the 3rd Syros Triathlon, with the help of Carglass Greece and Martha Stephanopoulou, we designed and modified a 6-meter container in the secretariat of our events.

At the same time, it is the main mean to transport our equipment to the venues where the events take place.

Since then, our “home”, further to the port of Ermoupolis, has also been set up on the beach of Vouliagmeni, in the Ferry in front of the pier in the port of Hydra (respecting the different culture of the historic island), in the Olympic Flame Park of Kastoria, on the beach of Varkiza, in the square of the Unknown Soldier in Rethymno!

Who knows, where its next imposing appearance will be! We are ready and soon we will give a new face to “our home”.  It is already designed.

It is as much our home as to those who live our events with us.

Added Value No15

Open Water Swimming coast to coast (Unique experience)

This is a sport-focused approach when organizing a swimming race in the Open sea.

Having plenty of experience in Open Water Swimming, we decided in 2017 to create a special swimming race for SyrosTriathlon.

A race along the coast of Syros island. The distances were 3.5k and 5.5k, while the 10k race was already planned, since we have made it so many times. The race also included a route to the Didimi lighthouse (the first lighthouse in Hellas), and another one-night race of 26k swimming from Tinos to Syros islands.

Swimming along the coast offers the chance to explore, to conquest, but also makes you feel agony and maybe fear. It enchants the swimmers and providing all safety parameters at sea can be ensured by the organizer (5,5 kilometers to cover – hard to manage but not impossible), the experience is incredible.

Safety of the race went as planned with the help of 15 boats of the Speed Boats of Syros Club -with the supervision of Cap Zannikos, 25 lifeguards of Lifeguard Hellas on SUPs and a boat of Syros Coast Guard. Furthermore, there was the possibility of dropping life-saving equipment from a drone. That was giving a real sense of safety to every swimmer.

The 150 swimmers who took part in this race in 2017 and as many in 2018, can certainly stand out this experience.

Later, a similar arrangement in the swimming part of the race applied in the SwimRun Hydra event. We are now preparing the route of 10k swimming of the 2nd TRIMORE M.T. Kastoria – ISOMAN, that includes swimming along the coast of the lake together with return crossing of the lake!  Our love and passion for swimming is always our guide.

You can see more here:


Added Value No16

Yoga (Everyone to participate | Mind and body)

In 2017, together with Maria Maganari , we decided to include yoga in our sports and entertainment events.

Yoga for athletes, yoga for kids, yoga for everyone!

The philosophy of mind and body training was embraced by everyone and we incorporated it to each of our events.

Following its application in XTERRA O.W.S. Challenge in November 2018, XTERRA Planet also worked together with Maria, in order to introduce yoga in all competitions around the world. Nowadays, due to Hygiene crisis restrictions, XTERRA Planet gives online courses with Maria!

In September 2019, at Rethymno, “project 11” was presented for the first time, a special 11-minute warm up program for Triathletes. In November of the same year, in Hydra, the “yoga in pairs” followed, adapted to the SwimRun culture.

More and better will follow in the future, for sure.

Added Value No17

Video with the beat and the intensity of the event (Unique experience | Moments)

The audiovisual material of an event is the meaning that revives the memory to those who were present and gives the picture to those who did not manage to participate and live the experience.

One of our men (a triathlete), gives a special pulse to the videos of our events, by achieving something unique. He’s everywhere!

Underwater, in the waves, in a lake, on the ground, in the city, on the mountains, in the air! You can see him upside down on the seabed, running backwards with the camera in his hand, cycling and videotaping next to you at the same time, running every bit and popping up from everywhere to catch the moment.

His name is Dimitris Pappas.

Watch the video including just a few of the countless moments from our events, and try to get in the shoes of the person who captures the moments.

Added Value No18

Sportscaster of the organization (Unique experience | Every athlete feels unique)

Greta Lymberopoulou

Woman, triathlete, mother, sport caster of TRIMORE Sport Events. Among other things, she is the voice of our events.

She has knowledge of sports, she is connected with every triathlete, she’s an Ironwoman, she has excellent humor, she’s tireless, pleasant, optimistic, a happy person, with a beauty that matures in time!

Greta came to us and gave a piece of her brilliance to our events. Since then, all Multisport events have changed.

Her only complaint is that before we started working together, she could compete in our events. Now, we took away this joy from her and instead we offered her another one: she is among the TRIMORE Insiders, the people who create and offer experiences to friends and fellow athletes!

Added Value No19

Decentralized event (Sports tourism | Participation of all)

From our first event, our goal is to serve, in addition to the requirements of the event, the needs of the area (city, island, place, municipality) that hosts us every time.

The extension of the tourist season (development of local economy) and the promotion of the beauty and uniqueness of the destinations, are always a primary goal to be achieved.

The decentralization of an event always gives the opportunity to the visitor to get to know more deeply the place he is visiting and to feel a stronger connection to it.

The exemplary case (benchmark) of Syros Triathlon!

  • Triathlon which every year increases distances with the epicenter in the city and extends from the port, to the areas of Vaporia (transfer by Ferry), Vari-Mega Gialo-Delagratsa, Agios Dimitrios, Agios Nikolaos and ends at the city square.
  • Open water swimming along the coast (coast to coast) with starting points in Fabrica, Vari, Achladi and after 5.5 km swimming, ending in Agios Antonios of Megas Gialos.
  • City run passing by the port, the lighthouse, Ermoupolis and the marble cobbled alleys.
  • SUP, yoga, night swimming at Komito
  • Water obstacle triathlon, aqua aerobic, yoga at Galissa
  • Obstacle swimming, aerial yoga, artistic swimming in the harbor at the statue of Liberty
  • Cycling individual timing at the straight road of Mega Gialos
  • Underwater spear-shooting at the Municipal swimming pool in Lazaretta
  • Chess, yoga, cycling sluggishness in Miaoulis square
  • Race brief and Inspire me at the Apollo Theater
  • Race brief and Pasta party at the summer cinema
  • Pasta party at Tarsanas (traditional wooden boat ship yard)
  • City cycling tour with wooden bicycles of COCO-MAT bikes
  • Water polo in the port’s sea water swimming pool
  • Award ceremony at the front steps of the City Hall attended by traditional dances and fireworks

… plans for

  • Swimming at the Lighthouse in Didimi island (Gaidouronisi)
  • Half Marathon “Frangosyriani route”
  • Night Open Water Swimming crossing Tinos – Syros islands
  • Night swimming in couples at Agathopes beach
  • Kid’s Open Water Swimming competitions in Kini beach
  • Tree planting by athletes

A real feast and a reason to become a fan and ambassador/advocate of the island!

Never forget:

Charalampos Giannakakis

Added Value No20

Finish and Award Arch (Unique experience)

Commitment, preparation, agony, stress, start, racing, effort, difficulties, abandonment thoughts, stubbornness, exhaustion, excess, finish, victory, uplift, collapse!

In order to honor the personal victory of each athlete that he/she achieves at the end of his/her over-effort, we collaborated with Erietta Papadogianni, ETEM and Vasiliki Skylogianni and created a special arch under which athletes of all ages celebrate their victories by ringing a bell!

Finish track and individual or team relay triumph.

A unique, indelible and unrivaled experience!

It has already been set up in Vouliagmeni, Varkiza, Kastoria, Rethymno and Hydra island.

Who knows where else it will join us?

Added Value No21

Sports tourism traveling in Hellas (Sports tourism | Promotion of Greece)

TRIMORE Multisports TOUR!

A sports, culture and entertainment visit to the most beautiful places/cities in Hellas.

Multi-day events for all ages and levels of athletes, with the color and aroma of memorable places. Experiences that highlight these places and create more admirers around the world.

Excited people who become ambassadors/advocates of the places, they refer with passion at them and promise to come back.

Close your eyes and think of the map.

One by one, you recall the places and the experiences: Nafplio, Syros island, Vouliagmeni, Halkidiki, Hydra, Varkiza, Xanthi / Avdira, Kastoria, Rethymnon.

(The following video, filmed by Dimitris Pappas, was played in 140 countries around the world with the support of ICARUS Sports)

Not all of them, but… We haven’t finished our work!

Added Value No22

Collector’s numbered swimming cap (Unique experience | Memorabilia | Pioneering)

The Swimming cap of an event, if it is really attractive and easy to use / durable / comfortable (made of soft silicone and has the right shape), puts the athlete in a dilemma: “should I keep it as a souvenir or should I enjoy it in my training?”.

Since our first event in Nafplio, we focused particularly on the Swimming cap. Later in Syros, we innovated by being the first ones to create (and the only ones until today) numbered Swimming caps. The number on the Swimming cap enables the lifeboat to have an image of the athletes that is watching/taking care. At the same time, the Swimming cap with the unique number for each athlete, is a personal, unique memorabilia.

In all 3 years in Syros, but also in Kastoria and Rethymno, swimmers and triathletes wore numbered Swimming caps, where for the XTERRA Greece in April 2020, the swimming teams (group registration) the caps had been designed to have the team logos on them!

Added Value No23

Triathlon group finish / beloved ones participate the experience (Unique experience)

Team triathlon or relay, is an “invention” (certainly not ours), that gives the athletes (who do one or two out of the three sports), the chance to live a triathlon race from the inside. Experience has shown that the majority of them join the world of triathlon at a later stage.

This method also gives the opportunity to more local athletes to participate in the main event of triathlon. A number of other sporting and leisure events achieve the same purpose.

TRIMORE applies this practice since its first Triathlon event in Nafplio in 2015, as we consider it a mean to get to our goal, to develop the sport.
To improve the athletes’ experience, we urge each team to unite a few meters before the finish line and cross the “arch of triumph” as a team! We were happy to see the sports community embracing this thought.

We also urge the athletes, a few meters before the finish line and the arch, to invite members of their family or friends to accompany them, if they wish so, and share their joy!

This image captures emotions, which, have already been deeply etched in the minds of the protagonists.

Added Value No24

Recovery zone with floor seat cushions / bean bags (Pioneering | Amenities | Unique experience)

Triathlon and SwimRun are painful for the athletes, regardless of their level, age or the distance they chose to compete.

At the end of the race, they feel exhausted and their body needs some time to recover.

In September 2019, Tzanis Pyrros and pouf makers helped us realize an idea.
To create a rehabilitation area for athletes, with 25 very comfortable bean bags. A colorful touch just after the finish arch. This new “Recovery Area” was first presented in Rethymnon – Crete, followed by Varkiza and Hydra island, and it will exist in all our future events, since athletes seem to greatly enjoy the idea.

Added Value No25

High standard security (Safety)

As an organizer, you choose to do things the hard way. You challenge yourself as much as you challenge the athletes. Therefore, you set safety as your priority and you want the athletes to feel that, you want them to feel safe “in your hands”.

You have to deal with nature after all. Bad weather conditions, stormy seas, steep mountains are what you can face anytime. But also, the athletes themselves, of all ages and levels, full of adrenaline, reaching high speeds on their cycles with no fear in their eyes in front of a possible accident waiting to happen in the least expected place.

You need a team and an action plan. 

The team that inspires us with confidence, consists of the Selected Special Missions Group of the Municipality of Egaleo, the Greek Frogmen Association, the Volunteer Forest Protection of south Hymettus Mtn, the @mad nomads atv, the Polaris Snowmobiles with a special mountain tracking vehicle, Suzuki Moto Greece, our cycling judging team, the Athens Medical Group with its ambulances, Gavrilis Tsountanis and Popeye Water Sports, the Hellenic Group of Inflatable Boats and the boat owners in Hydra and Kastoria.

The Coast Guard and the Road Traffic Police, in Rethymno, Hydra, Vouliagmeni, Kastoria are always next to us as well.

Along with them, our incredible volunteers.

A team in the background, that makes the athletes feel safe!

You will never see them all together, but you will feel their presence.

Watch the video from SwimRun Hydra and the race with almost 7 Beaufort.

Added Value No26

Kids in focus (Children | Inspiration – Motivation)

A sporting event can simply be addressed to its athletes, or it can be something bigger, fuller, richer and offer a complete experience.

It can be a well-structured sports competition addressed to the participating athletes or it can include a number of sports and recreational / cultural events, addressed to the whole family or friends, regardless of age and sports level.

Back in 2014, we designed the race of both adults and Kids of the Nafplio Triathlon, with the same love and dedication.

We have always sought to make our events a playground, as in this way we contribute to the development of the multisport culture, the athletic spirit, the fighting spirit and the noble competition.

The athletes of our events enjoy the whole experience. They load their car and sing while traveling. On their way back they promise to return and keep the memories alive.

Triathlon, ISOMAN, Cross Aquathlon, Open Water Swimming, Lazer run, running relays, Slow cycling, cycling maneuvers, chess on parallel courts, yoga, meteorite hunting and orienteering, wrestling, Jiu Jitsu, cycling, painting without brush, wall climbing, rowing, Zumba, break dance and more.

Everything for our kids.

We also become kids, we plan, create, enjoy, live more!

Added Value No27

Insured events (Insurance – Safety)


It sounds oxymoron to “play with fire” and talk about safety.

Intense efforts, passionate cyclists on roads and mountains, wild open seas and swimmers passing through the waves, natural and artificial obstacles, mountains and cliffs. But since our first event in Nafplio, we have next to us a tireless faithful helper, the top insurance company, MINETTA, which “Insures what it worths”.

Manolis Gadjoflias and Nickos Moschovos, are the leaders of the excellent, extroverted corporate culture of this insurance company.

They trusted our vision and courage from the first moment and since then, we follow the same path.

In all our events, MINETTA’s flag waves in the athletes’ village but in our heart too, giving us confidence.

(Being there in that concert)

Added Value No28

Athletes’ village (Unique experience | Sponsors / Supporters promotion)

The Athletes village, which we have established since our very first event, gives a festive feeling to the event and creates a small society.

It becomes the “home” of all the athletes during the event. It also becomes the meeting point for athletes, companions, spectators, volunteers, organizers, teams, sponsors and local visitors.

The sponsors – collaborators of the event, unite with the athletes and the city, presenting their work and vision, offering their products and services, and generally upgrade the event.

The Athletes village offers presentation areas, our remote secretariat (in a container) for information, support services (timing, cycling support, medical team, volunteers, etc.), chilled drinking water, recovery area, products for athletes, racks for the safe placement of bicycles, the finish arch and a spot for the awards ceremony. It is truly the favorite place for kids and adults, that also contributes to the engraving of the experience in our mind.

The following video made by Dimitris Pappas, with material from every event.

Added Value No29

Open Water Swimming in the night (Unique experience | Pioneering)

In 2018, during the last Syros Triathlon, the closing of the event took place at our favorite beach of Komito.

Athletes, volunteers, escorts, locals and members of the organizing team, had the chance to become one during the Sunset Yoga session which was followed by a unique innovative project.

Open Water Swimming in the night!

Swimmers in pairs -for maximum safety- swam 1,500 meters to the island across the beach), on a route with illuminated buoy signals.

It was not a race; it was an Open Water Swimming without competition but with equally strong emotions. We swam too as couples with young volunteers, who we believe, will never forget what they felt. Neither we will.

It was the forerunner of night Open Water Swimming concept and gave us an indication for a number of improvements that could be done for the safety and maximum enjoyment.

We are already planning such an event in Athens soon.

Added Value No30

Participation in international triathlon shows (Sports tourism | Promotion of Hellas)

The London Triathlon Show is the largest and most popular triathlon exhibition, a celebration of the triathlon world and multisports, the place of experiences and ideas exchanging from around the world. It’s the meeting point for triathlon legends, athletes, organizers, sport equipment manufacturers and fans.

Aiming to approach and attract more foreign athletes in Hellas, TRIMORE is present at the London Triathlon Show every year since 2015 with its own Booth.

We present our events, getting informed about new ideas and technologies, meet interesting people and face the future.

This is where the collaboration with ISOMAN was born, where we decided to realize SwimRun in Hellas, to introduce the safety of the personal swimming buoy, the place we find our international partners and we plan our future plans according to the international trends.

In our Booth we have hosted other Hellenic organizers for free with the vision to promote the Hellenic triathlon and our country’s beautiful destinations.

We collaborated with Greek National Tourism Organization and we try to promote our country even more through sports tourism.

Added Value No31

Medical health reassurance (Safety)

Sports is the perfect choice for your health!

Sports are the mean to prevent any health issues.

From the first steps of the Nafplio event planning we had set as a prerequisite for participation the medical certificate, a difficult, yet permanent decision for all our events (even though we sometimes came into conflict with athletes for giving such emphasis on that area).

As a justification for this insistence of ours, are the thank you letters we received from three athletes, who were advised against their participation to the race from their doctors. With simple procedures however, they overcame their issues, bringing justice to our decision back then.

(We never allowed to our father to participate in an event without previous medical examination. He was the oldest athlete in Nafplio in 2015 and in Syros in 2016 and 2017).

“Preventing is better than treating” / Hippocrates of Kos (460 – 377 BC)

Added Value No32

Health frame (Safety | Pioneering)

2020 was a difficult year, a challenge for the whole planet! An unexpected hygiene crisis, gradually strike every corner of the world.

As expected, sports events were also affected, with cancellations, postponements and alterations.

Immediately after the onset of this crisis, during the lockdown, we worked on a health frame for the safety of our events and the participant athletes, and we were the first to present it to federations, the General Secretariat of Sports, the Civil Protection for Public Consultation.

A complete, holistic approach of each parameter that composes our events, in order to ensure health and safety. It was updated many times and its implementation in Rethymno – Crete in September, 2020 (one of the few events of the year), proved its perfection, adequacy and completeness, along with functionality, that troubled us at first.  In collaboration with Victory Innovations Greece, we went one step further, applying double electrostatic disinfection to medals, water, chairs and anything that a person may touch.

The Deputy Minister of Sports, the leadership of the local government and the authorities rewarded our work!

(Watch the video of the event:

Added Value No33

Details make the difference (Unique experience | Pioneering)

Each subsequent event is a challenge for us to exceed the expectations of those who trust us!

We plan and carry out events in every corner of Hellas and we “ask” from the athletes to travel with us. To motivate their family and friends, take their gear and be present in the events we plan with love, passion and devotion to them.

We want them to be sure that we have paid full attention to their safety. And at the same time to be impatient for the entire event knowing that nothing will be the same as the last time, even the race itself.

Details always come to make the difference and give that extra touch. Those elements which even if they were missing, the race would be just as safe and exciting, but they are there to make a difference and touch the mind.

All the added values ​​that we apply in each event are in that direction. There are others too though, small details which give that extra note.

“War warning” siren at the race start line, a bell and a ribbon at the finish line, that every pair cut at the SwimRun Hydra (like winners do), presentation of all the pairs before the race in Hydra island, photo-shooting of everyone before the race in Hydra island and volunteers’ party after the event in Kastoria, are just a few of those details. Greta, our sportscaster, refers to each athlete with his/her name and talk to them before, during the race and at the finish line. The name of each athlete is written in large capital letters in the bib number so that the audience can see it and mention it during the athlete’s effort. Quality T-shirts with the memory engraved, T-Shirts with the names of all participants in the first Syros Triathlon, photos and videos to highlight those beautiful moments, special medals, chilled drinking water available everywhere, personal motivation from volunteers and organizers, a hug at the finish, are some more of those details.

And there are many more. Some have already been done while some others are being planned for our coming events!

Added Value No34

Book presentation “Tearless Battle” (Culture / Sports tourism)

Sports – Tourism – Culture! Terms that we combine in each of our events and we constantly thrive for new ideas/recommendations.

In June 2017, at the Apollo Theater in Ermoupolis -a faithful replica of Teatro alla Scala in Milan, one of the many parallel actions of Syros Triathlon was the presentation of an excellent historical book by our friend and triathlete, Dimitris Thomas.

The title of the book: “Tearless battle

We were honored to be beyond the people who introduced the book, which we had already read and enjoyed.

Added Value No35

Creation, establishment and hosting of the Open Water Swimming awards tradition (Unique experience | Pioneering)

Open Water Swimming Championship Awards “LEANDROS swim club (LEANDROS swim club)” TRIMORE Sport Events, acquired XTERRA Greece in 2017 and since then we organize the last O.W.S. race of the year. This gave us a unique “obligation”.

The execution of the established award ceremony of O.W.S. LEANDROS swim club, which until then was taking place on the beach of Vouliagmeni, for the first 3 women and the first 3 men of the LEANDROS Championship.

Having a vision for the Open Water Swimming and embracing the idea of our friend and open water marathon swimmer Giannis Kotsiopoulos, we decided to organize a special ceremony for this award.

An open water swimmers’ meeting on shore, so we could meet each other at a moment where there would be no race start or last-minute briefing stress and the general anxiety of a race.

We organized a celebration for the Open Water Swimmers, which for 3 years (2018, 2019, 2020) was hosted at the Diaplous Training Experience Concept – Ford T.C, but this initiative of ours is not an obligation for “Leandros” in terms of the venue of the award ceremony to be hosted only by us.

In those events, awards are given to all age categories, to special categories and to special people of the sport. We share strong emotions, our unique passion, we make new plans and we renew our wish for “calm seas”!

(Watch the video of the event in 2020:

Added Value No36

Participants’ athletes kit (Pioneering | Athletes’ convenience)

At the 1st and 2nd TRIMORE Syros Triathlons in 2016 and 2017, we applied, for the first time in Hellas, something we had admired in a race abroad.

We placed the athletes’ kits in the transition zone where each athlete had his/her personal spot.

The athletes on their arrival at the port and with their numbers in hand (e-mailed to them beforehand), were receiving the race bracelet which was giving them access to the transition zone and all the collaborating stores.

As a result, there was no confusion, no queues at the secretariat and athletes’ packages were given only to those who would start the race.

Finish and distinction medals were given to everyone at the awards ceremony on Saturday night on the front steps of the City Hall!

Organizing multi-day events, although it was a completely successful project, we changed it, aiming to make the athletes wear the T-shirts of the event at the venue daily, and to make their presence more noticeable.

Added Value No37

Hospitality for the athletes and their companions (Sports tourism | Promoting the local landscape)

Our aim in every event is to offer the visitors the best hospitality and pass the feeling of the places hosting our events.

We have collaborated with the women’s cultural association in Kastoria which offered traditional pies to athletes and companions. With a mushroom producer who offered mushroom barley in Rethymno – Crete. With producers of Cretan gruyere, raki and carob rusks in Rethymno – Crete, with Zachos restaurant at Vouliagmeni for the traditional souvlaki and with the producers of loukoumi delight in Syros, so we can offer the athletes and their companions’ traditional flavors.

Also, the Historical Archive Museum of Hydra has offered a delicious meal to the SwimRunners. Each and every of the above gestures had a special meaning to us.

Beyond all expectations though, it was the welcome treat in Ermoupolis, outside the ferry, which will surely not be forgotten. A scoop of Syros Triathlon ice cream (a special flavor for the event made by Django Gelato Syros Syros) and a shot of pear liqueur from our favorite restaurant Achladi Restaurant!

Added Value No38

SwimRun Hydra is honored by Alekos Fassianos’ presence (Culture)

In November 2018 in Hydra, a unique surprise awaited those who dared the first SwimRun in Hellas.

Given the opportunity of Alekos Fasianos’ paint exhibition at the time at the Historical Archive Museum of Hydra / General State Archives, the museum’s director Konstantina Adamopoulou, presented the work and story of the world-famous artist in his presence, before the Race Brief.

Among the paintings, the athletes and their companions experienced something special. They had the opportunity to meet in person the artist, talk to him and learn about him from Alexis Veroukas’ presentation and Mrs Adamopoulou.

The value of this initiative is invaluable and once again, sport was combined with culture. The greatest of honors for the event.

Added Value No39

Events and races for all, from the winner to the last comer (For everyone | Sports tourism | Pioneering | Unique experience)

“Our goal is the personal excess and boldness of all participants”.

From our very first event, we made it clear to everyone that the daring kid who tries kids Aquathlon for the first time, the novice athlete who decided to participate for the first time or the elder athlete who insists through a daily personal overreach are as important to us as the world champions who honor our events.

The passion and dedication we utilize to organize a race or an event for professional athletes, are the same to the ones we use to provide safety, quality, entertainment, benefits and experience to everyone. Athletes and companions of all ages and competence level.

Our races don’t have time limits (except of Half Iron in Syros for reasons beyond our means). Volunteers, referees, lifeguards and organizers remain in their positions until everyone finishes.

Benefits and treatment are equal to everyone. We offer sponsors’ gifts not only to winners, but also in lotteries, so that everyone has the chance to win.

Highlight was the gift of a 4-day trip for two to Italy, that was given in Nafplio not only to the first finisher but also to the athlete who finished last the Triathlon race.Nobody knew before the announcement at the end of the race that the athlete who would finish last would win this prize!

We came up with this gesture, knowing that this athlete needed more courage to participate and to stand at the start line than anyone else!

Added Value No40

Events that give to everyone the opportunity to participate (For everyone | Pioneering | Unique experience)

An event must, among other things, have a social character.

TRIMORE designs and implements events and races that address to everyone. Outdoor events offer to athletes’ incredible benefits, but unfortunately, do not always have the infrastructure for the disabled.

We don’t have the ability and our scope is not to create infrastructure, but we have the will to have everybody with us and give to all the chance to live the unique experience. We contact anyone who desires to participate, we are always looking for solutions and we examine each case individually, with respect, love and vision! We try every time and we succeeded almost every time.

Finally, in our commercial policy, we state clearly that: “Athletes who wish to participate but can’t afford to pay the registration fee, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail!” Our events prove to be “for everyone!”

Added Value No41

Enhanced security during the cycling leg (Safety)

Safety is one of the parameters that adds difficulty in the organization part of a triathlon race.
The sea may be an unpredictable factor, but the cycling leg is what defines a triathlon race as safe or dangerous.

Since our first event in 2015 in Nafplio, each race is examined in detail and we simulate the experience like athletes do, to assess the risks.

In each of our events we do many things to ensure security. We ensure the completely closed roads with the help of the Road Traffic Police, and per case we have applied asphalt in railway tracks in Nafplio and at the race route of Kastoria so that cyclists are not endangered.

We place warning signs on the road that alert cyclists before puddles, volunteers, Traffic wardens, railings and tapes on each vertical road.

A team of professionals’ place road marking with cones along the entire cycling route. We have changed itineraries of ferries and airplanes in Syros, so that a car would not enter the racing terrain, and we have made movements or immobilization of parked cars.

We notify writing the residents along the route of the race regarding road closure and nuisance that will occur because of the race, that they can enjoy from their yard applauding.

We also inform hotels, restaurants, gas stations for the nuisance that may happen and other things that contribute to safety.

In every event, the whole city becomes one for its guests.  And we act like guardian angels! Always anxious, with respect to danger, we are impatient to look each other and smile when the referee on the motorcycle informs us that the last cyclist has entered the transition zone.

Watch the video from the race at Kastoria:

Added Value No42

Holistic approach of sports tourism (Sports tourism)

When you wish to make people visit remote places around Hellas on the occasion of your events, you must find and offer solutions to your “guests”!

We design each of our events with this holistic approach in mind.

Activities for families (all levels of athletes and ages), low-cost fee, discounts on participation when registration done early, estimation on cost of a family arrival.

All kids’ activities are for free and we also offer them a full and valuable kit (bag, swimming cap, T-shirt, finish and pedestal medal, timing, photos, videos, tattoo, etc.).

In our website there is a special section with photos of each event, that is “worth visiting”.

We offer a bracelet that is used for discount to specific stores, a smart guide with the program and all the information of the event, special discounts in hotels and transportation.

Blue Star Ferries, Hellenic Seaways Official Fan Page και ANEK LINES Οfficial Fan Page, through our agreement with George Sakelis, have offered us a 50% discount on ferries to and from Syros, Hydra, Crete and Athens (for XTERRA Greece) for all athletes, their companions and their vehicle.

(For Syros race, we had installed bicycle racks inside the ferries!)

The arrival of the athletes and their companions were unforgettable moments. That’s always the trigger of the celebration!

Watch the video from the 1st event in Syros:

Added Value No43

Quality system and constant improvement pursuit (Quality | Assurance | Improvement)

Continuous improvement has always been and remains our self-commitment!

We apply quality control methods to evaluate each of our events in all its parameters.

We record and process in depth any complaint/comment that comes to our knowledge (even malicious), we ask the opinion of participants and visitors for each parameter (sports or not).

We have created an extensive framework of evaluation and we grade our performance in all aspects of the event, we study our failures / mistakes / omissions.

We train and encourage volunteers to offer quality, we listen to all comments, and we apologize sincerely looking for fair ways of recovery.

We carry out opinion polls, we collect ideas, we evaluate the current financial footprint of the event in the local communities, and we prepare (within 7 days from the end of the event) an action plan for the management of improvement actions.

At the same time, we have designed a safety assessment framework for a Triathlon, Open Water Swimming, SwinRun, city or Trail running, bike personal Chronometer and we apply it in every event.

We have submitted it to the General Secretariat of Sports as a basis for building a racing certification framework, that also includes quality parameters.

As a certification – training body and being consultants to other companies and organizations, we have established and implement for our events a quality management system according to the EN ISO 9001 standard.

“You can’t sell quality if you do not have quality!”

Added Value No44

TRIMORE: One Team – One Dream – One Goal (Our team)

TRIMORE Sport Events’ people are everything… its creations, perfections and mistakes.

The core (Anastasios -Kostis) and the TRIMORE insiders Maria, Katerina, Magda, Kevin, Γιώργος, Greta, Christina, Vicky.

We become one team with the entire network of associates and volunteers of each place hosting our events and, in the end, we compose the value proposition that we offer.

With passion and dedication, like a fist, we share and live a vision every time.

Added Value No45

We share knowledge – experiences- success and failure (Social responsibility | Sports tourism)

“Share the knowledge and experience you have earned. Share the successes and your mistakes”.

1st school of Sports Tourism mindset. Transforming Sports activities to a Touristic object.

diaplous s.s.d.a. Ltd, with the know-how of 23 years as a training and certification body, the prestige of 18 years as a partner of TÜV SÜD and TÜV Hessen and the experience of 16 multi-day events of sports tourism in Nafplio, Syros, Vouliagmeni, Hydra, Halkidiki, Varkiza, Kastoria, Xanthi and Rethymno of TRIMORE Multisports TOUR

… shares ideas, techniques, experience, mistakes, knowledge, methods, tools for turning the sports opportunity into a tourist property of the destinations of our country! We share the 44 points to which we added value in our sector and others that we are still working on.

We follow a unique approach, speaking with examples to people of local governments, organizers of events and outdoor activities, sports and cultural clubs, large hotel chains and anyone interested in tourism development through sports activities!

We keep going with actions!

Added Value 45 and counting..