Company profile

diaplous s.s.d.a. Ltd, provides high quality services in every one of the sectors it operates, collecting experience since 1997.

Areas of company activity

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    Advanced consulting services

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    Training of business executives (public and corporate) as well as of individual participants (personal interest)

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    Certifications of quality Management systems and product certification

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    High standards sports and entertainment events organisation

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    We have a modern multifunctional space, available for educational purposes and corporate or cultural events (for company use or for rent)

Corporate philosophy

With passion, dedication and professionalism, we share ideas, knowledge, techniques, tools, and experiences, aiming at a constant improvement and development, always focusing on the result!

Continuous care

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    With great care and commitment, we seek to provide services that clearly add real value, exceeding the expectations of those who trust us!

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    We contribute with outmost respect, to the identification and achievement of strategy and objectives!


Values – competitive advantage – mind set

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    Passion and dedication to action

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    Simple, plain, and flexible approach

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    Confidentiality – respect for values and properties

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    Effectiveness – we bring about ideas and visions

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    Ethics & Integrity

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    Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Showing great respect and care, we are committed to uphold and preserve through our action, people (staff, partners, insiders, customers, athletes), society (Municipalities, local communities) and the environment.

Aware of the responsibility of our function in all the areas we operate, our development, operation, and business continuity strategy, has been planned to wholly cover the range of our activity, considering and fully in line with this commitment.

Our history


Diaplous s.s.d.a. Ltd was founded in Athens, by Konstantinos Mitropapas, to offer consulting services in business organisation and administration, crisis management, business continuity planning, process optimisation and ISO quality systems certifications


We began our cooperation with the German certifier TÜV SÜD, inspecting quality systems and standards/specifications in the automotive sector, starting with the VW Group.


We extended our services in the automotive sector, by forming partnerships nationally and internationally with companies such as Daimler Mercedes-Benz, Ford Motor, Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, Porsche, Seat, Suzuki, among others.


Diaplous starts representing the German certifier TÜV Hessen, becoming the training and certification body on quality systems, environmental issues, health and safety systems, information security, etc.


Diaplous is certified as Daimler’s partner on control of standards and specifications, becoming since then regionally in charge for the Middle East, northern Europe, and parts of central Europe and of the Mediterranean.


Konstantinos Mitropapas (founder, owner and CEO of diaplous) is certified as a Master Trainer by the London Honda Training Centre, expanding the scope of the activities from the in-house training applied by diaplous, to the open training of business executives and Trainer's Coaching.


Diaplous Training Experience Concept was designed and created as a novel approach in the field of business executive training, approach which was distinguished and rewarded by the Libra Group in the section: Entrepreneurship and Innovation.


TRIMORE is born, a new business unit of diaplous on design and implementation of advanced multi-sport and recreacional events, oriented towards sports and thematic tourism.


Creation of the multipurpose space “diaplous Training Experience Concept” in collaboration with Ford Motor Hellas.


TRIMORE Sport Events undertakes the realization of XTERRA World Championship in Greece.


TRIMORE Sport Events assumes the international brand of ISOMAN equalized Triathlon and creates TRIMORE Multisports TOUR organising numerous sports and entertainment events throughout Greece.