diaplous s.s.d.a. Ltd has provided since 1997 Consulting at a high level in businesses of all scales, covering a wide range of services, according to the challenges of the environment and market needs, by proposing services tailored to the requirements of each customer, adding value.

Tourism Development Consultation to Municipalities

Dedicated consultation to Municipalities for the design, development and organization of a management entity of the Tourism Destination: Destination Promotion & Management Initiation, as well as the cultivation and construction of a culture of Tourism Excellence in tourism professionals: Tourism Culture Excellence Development.

Business planning / strategy / continuity

Consulting services for the set-up of an ad-hoc business development plan, offering a general and in-depth corporate strategy (vision – mission – strategy – objectives) and a manual to assure and manage business continuity.

Crisis management

Integrated business crisis management planning. Register, analysis, evaluation, impact rating, management planning, feedback- improvement mechanism.

Coaching – Web Coaching

Design and implementation of on-site or web coaching programs aimed at organized and effective process improvement as well as successful pursuit of business goals.

These programs follow every methodological step of organized Coaching, and Coaches are experienced (international experience), trained and certified by TÜV SÜD, conscientiously using the procedures and tools available.


Experienced and recognized in their field Mentors, using a systematic methodology, are able to offer services of administrative encouragement and support to start ups and/or established business entities, ensuring optimum outcomes.

We also can compose an ad hoc Mentor group, to offer global encouragement and support to start ups and/or established business entities.

Trainer’s coaching (certified)

Complete, structured, and documented coaching program for instructors, aimed at a global enhancement of the skills that characterize a successful, modern, interactive-experiential educational approach. It includes on course monitoring of teaching, evaluation of all parameters upon a well-established frame, highlighting of improvement opportunities, exchange of views/experiences, coaching and establishment of an action plan for said improvement and, finally, a repeat of the cycle to corroborate the enhancement.

Mystery customer projects

Design of a framework and methodology (according to the subject) to approach secret quality evaluation, or any other predefined parameters.

Implementation of a program, documentation of results, preparation of conclusions and proposals for improvement.

Automotive mystery / sudden quality audits

Design of a framework and method, or application of a manufacturer’s plan, for the secret or impromptu evaluation of quality, application of standards / specifications and parameters of customer satisfaction, in the car show or after-sales service (workshop).

Automotive warranty audits

Warranty audits in after-sales service (workshop), based on manufacturer procedures.

Automotive after sales safety / health / environment

All-embracing advisory or auditing approach to achieve a perfectly safe working environment in a car workshop, optimal workers’ health, and achievement of the best environmental practice with the least environmental impact.

CSR strategy / Stakeholders mapping

Formulation of an integrated strategic approach of corporate social responsibility (stakeholders) in an entity, through a depiction of actions serving that strategy.

Human resources evaluation

Evaluation of all personnel in a business entity, through interviews aimed at highlighting perspective and opportunities to emphasize talent and capitalize on it by employing people in positions that best fit their profile and aspirations.

Workplace evaluation

An integrated approach of working environment assessment, its perspective, and the possibilities it offers to the employees to ensure the entity’s business continuity, progress, and prosperity.

Corporate culture – mind set

Advisory role to the actions planned and implemented by a business entity to create or change corporate culture – mind set.

Depiction of an existing situation (monitoring – interviews – surveys), identification of conclusions and trends, elaboration of management plans, coaching – training of project implementation.