Instead of changing the future of our children, let’s change the children themselves so as to built their own future!

If one assumes that our opinion leaders, our nation leaders who force things to happen, have a moral and honest intention to manage and solve the pathogenesis of the Greek reality, they have all the skills (academic knowledge and management experience) needed to do this successfully and finally have the necessary motivation, zeal, passion, teamwork, dedication, commitment and practical support of all of us… then it is possible to isolate and examine, only the direction of the efforts!

I regret to see every day, that we are drifting more and more, on a journey of values and moral decline and the only effort being made is on the direction of recognizing the symptoms and not the cause which perfectly confirms the law of inertia of bodies! This is a journey which is taking us away from the true solution.

I regret to hear, everyone “asking” and “planning”, ways to rehabilitate everything acquired but due to crisis were deprived.
The situation we are facing in Greece (2012), is it crisis?
Do we really want to go back to the previous state?
Was it something great which someone took from us, violently?
Isn’t it true that all of us were struggling inside and that we were all facing and living in a corrupted system?

This is not a crisis.
In our academic years we learn that that crisis is a situation which a relationship, a friendship, a family, a business, an economy, a state, etc., might face, from which plan and methodical action have to be developed in order to recover to the prior state!
This situation has to be a transformation! Has to be an opportunity to observe, what we did wrong and change it!

The opinion of a man who shares his ideas, knowledge, techniques, tools and experience with a business organization, could be nothing but “technocratic”! This is how it would be called from the ones who constantly attend a lot of meetings but never “meet” the truth! Those who usually communicate big plans which are either not applicable or cannot meet their goals!
By using simple logical thought, we could easily conclude that: there is no magic formula. But there is a … recipe!
Simple logical thought, requires that we: look at the present … and look into the future! The simple logical thought, is something missing from the scene in which we live in, because no one looks far into the future!
I am hearing, reading, observing patterns and analyzing solutions, but if someone analyze all these he will only find shortsighted horizon!
Does the country has lack of minds with vision and method? Daily the opposite is being proven!

Here’s what would make any “Manager” who undertook this issue to solve it:

Step 1

Mapping the current situation
What do we have in front of us today? Tempered approach and “strip” the state so as to float separately the outbreaks of improvement (problems: as usually mentioned) as well as the real causes.

Step 2

Collection and analysis of the Best practices – legislative framework.
What do the “best” ones do? Which are the differences that affect the implementation and what results they create.
Which framework constricts the action.

Step 3

Compose and decide a common vision.
Where we want to go! Results goal setting.

Step 4

Implementation of an action management plan.
Record all necessary actions and develop a realistic implementation schedule while responsibilities will be assigned.
Moreover, time plan and implementation follow up manager.

Step 5

Communication, motivation – inspiration.
Making sure that the plan and goals are understood by all involved in the project. Define and communicate motives

Step 6

Continuous monitoring
Long term and mid term plans which would break down the long-term goals to certain steps.
Monitoring and corrective actions

Step 7

Experience exchange – Faults analysis
Frequent meetings of everyone involved and opinions’ exchange along with the results. “Learning from our mistakes”!
“Fail fast – fail smart”!

Step 8

Action re-planning

The change is not possible to be done in just 1, 2 ή 5 years.
Of course, a plan for immediate actions is required (today – 1 year), along with a midterm plan (1 – 5 years), but mostly a long term plan (more than 10 – 15 years)!
A long term plan, which unfortunately Greece never had.

To be more practical, just think of this proposal:

We are looking to the Greece of 2030!
Where are today, the ones who will manage Greece in 2030; Where else? In today schools!

– We gather all these characteristics from the today’s society which we wish to change
– Special scientists (there are a lot of them, whom usually are prominent abroad), analyze to stimuli which must be given and to others which should be avoid.
– Prepare a management plan with roles and responsibilities
– Experientially designed lessons, exercises, group and individual games, activities and a range of other actions each depended on the level of the children addressed to
– We design and initiate the training of trainers (teachers, professors) and the method of inspiration and motivation
– We design and initiate communication with the present (parents of children) and manage the resistance which this project will meet, even to ourselves (which are old and we want to change)
– We awake and activate
– There are many steps for this project which are impossible to be described in a sentence.

However, the proposal is… here!

A child who has learned to play, compete, win or lose, claiming, organizing, planning and acting with morality for all these moves, showing social responsibility and values, tomorrow will be a director or employee of a company, it will be a politician, a journalist, a manufacturer, an industrialist, an operator, a father, a friend, a wife who will create their own bases, using as a basis our today’s vision!

This is going to be the outmost act of good for our children and their future!

Constantinos Mitropapas