Automotive industry

Automotive industry
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Automotive industry

TÜV SÜD is the world’s largest and most specialized operator in automotive-related services. In addition to laboratory controls– testing and supervision of factory production process, as a strategic partner of major car manufacturers, it has designed a lot of services for quality control and verification, such as:

– Manufacturer’s standards and specifications inspections on its networks. As Daimler certified partners we provide manufacturer’s standards and specifications control services, in the regions of the Middle East, Northern Europe and parts of central Europe and the Mediterranean under our charge.

– Secret service quality evaluations to a customer

– Manufacturer guarantee checks

– Checks on behalf of automotive credit institutions

As exclusive partners of Ford Motor Hellas, Ford Credit has commissioned us to carry out unannounced checks on authorized partner cars.

– Quality procedure checks

– Invoice checks

–Coaching programs for people in operational posts.

– Web coaching – mentoring

– Technical and non-technical training

– Web Trainings