Following the path of logic!

Is it so difficult to be able to rebuild the relationship of trust between the state and the citizens?

Without, in any way, diminishing the individual responsibility of all of us – not so much for the result of what we experience as the recovery of the procedures in the current situation of total lack of trust – the state should take action. Must take the first step, giving the rhythm and motivating everyone to follow.

A series of measures, which have been applied for a lot of years and are the “outbreaks” of trust, should immediately stop. Terms such as: closure, close unaudited cases, mass “settings”, “fit” semi-open – arbitrary etc, must immediately stop. The management of uncollected confirmed debt, thereby, creates unfair competition and discouragement of the ones who are conscious and honest. It is nudging the underground environment and cultivates dependency and “bargain”!

Furthermore, the assignment of responsibilities to private companies, a practice which is already applied with great success in other European countries, it is possible to bring unique results and transform citizens and businesses, to perfectly socially responsible entities.
The example of hunters in Germany, indicates only a well-governed state, with participants citizens and foresight sustainability and accountability.
The state has provided and has created a database on forests and land that allows hunting. The whole of this area, including all public areas and road networks, is annually shared in areas of responsibility, for an equal number of hunters who have obtained a license to practice the sport they like. The cost of this license is relatively small, but a series of obligations attached to it. Among them are, the restriction on the quantity and quality of prey, seasonal hunting season, safety regulations and the assignment of the area of responsibility and intervention.
In this way, the forest cleansing which helps to prevent fires, is assigned to responsible citizens. Submission and test action plan in case of incidents (fires, floods, landslides, earthquakes) is given to the person in charge who for this reason becomes a socially-proud citizen. The love for the animals of the citizen (hunter), is showed by taking over the responsible role, of taking care an animal if a car hits it, in the roads of the area of responsibility. In these cases time does not matter, and the resident is informed by the coordinate state (police and other government agencies which have access to the list of matching regions and responsible persons) and will manage the incident. If care is needed for road cleaning, burial or anything else, the citizen will act.
However, the most important thing in this the case, is that any non-active citizenship is resulting to inconsistency in liabilities and except from any other implications he is going to be denied the possession of the hunting license (warning the first time for 2 years and for the second time – Lifetime).
So, hunting license means … not only rights but certain obligations also.

In our country, many practices are enraged. The equation for the price of heating oil to those in the movement, the management of LPG (where market is allowed to develop, and then new taxes on it will emerge as a punishment). On other hand, the case of fire woods where a lot of businesses were authorized to sell firewood and now “suspiciously” the prohibition of fireplaces is prepared. The PV market investments in which the inconsistency practices were made unprofitable and unattractive to foreign investors, etc. dangerously exacerbated the relationship of trust and led the citizen with full force, the illegality, the depreciation … the riots of tomorrow.

In the car industry, things are simple.
Each car, visits a MOT station at regular intervals. This station, in a responsible way, we could ascertain whether and how the mileage on the display of the car are real (checking and other items such as maintenance book, visual condition, etc.) and document in a national database, the number of kilometers has gone through in the interim period.

Responsible way means: Liability – impacts. Participation of the individual.

A comparing control in this database for the mileage of a car can lead to:
– A clue for an objective tax charging (why pay road tax for a car which does not use the roads and infrastructure?)
– Intersection of actual fuel consumption of VAT / number (which should be mandatory for purchasing fuel) for assessing consumption, along with a number of other conclusions one can easily pull out and utilize.

If this method is implemented, smuggling is easily detectable and attributable. The citizen can actively participate and take responsibility, according to proportions. Everything is clear and pretexts for tax increases do not exist.

It is important to regain confidence, but it is more important to understand our social responsibility and the consequences of these violations.

Constantinos Mitropapas

(Published in the magazine Autospecialist, February 2013)